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Sunoco is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in all our business activities – with:

  • Our employees;
  • Our customers; and
  • The communities in which we operate.

We encourage our employees to take an active part in their communities and support their efforts through our charitable giving program. Other than our newly operational cokemaking facility in Brazil (click here to read more), we do not have any significant manufacturing or operations outside the U.S. However, we purchase crude oil produced in a number of countries.

Sunoco believes strongly in the principle of free markets and considers stable, representative and transparent governmental structures to be essential in order for markets to operate effectively. We support economic, social and political justice and human rights wherever we do business and have strong business conduct policies.

At Sunoco, we have a wide range of stakeholders interested in our activities; therefore, it is important that we communicate with them. These stakeholders are:

Community Advisory Panels
A Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is a body that serves as a forum for ongoing dialogue between business and the neighboring community to identify local concerns and discuss possible solutions by:

  • Ensuring that the community has complete and understandable information regarding facility operations, including environmental, health and safety issues and performance.
  • Providing a two-way communication channel between the company and the community.
  • Encouraging active involvement by the company in issues and activities important to the community.
  • Identifying public concerns regarding local business plans and activities.
  • Assisting in the development of responses to public concerns.

As part of our Ceres commitment, we strengthen our ties and dialogue with community stakeholders through the use of Community Advisory Panels (CAP). CAPs are our first line of external review for issues such as clean fuels, turnarounds (regularly scheduled maintenance of processing units), etc. that affect our plants. All our refineries and chemical plants participate in a CAP or CAC (Community Advisory Committee).

To read about individual CAPs/CACs, click on the desired location.

Eagle Point Refinery
Marcus Hook Refinery
Philadelphia Refinery
Toledo Refinery
Frankford Plant
Haverhill Plant
SunCoke Energy Middletown Plant

Participation in these community forums has sharpened our awareness of:

  • Local concerns about jobs
  • Schools
  • Security
  • Health, environmental and safety impacts of our facilities

The facilities also consult with the CAPs/CACs to determine which local organizations and charities to support. We will continue consulting closely with our CAPs as we address various environmental requirements, such as diesel fuel and ethanol in gasoline requirements, and as we further define our capital spending program which will be over $200 million for the next two years.


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