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The safety of our employees and contractors that work within our manufacturing sites is a core Company value. We strive to achieve top quartile safety performance each year, and to reach this level we are focusing on the enhancements of several key areas of our safety program.

The first component is Safety Leadership. We must ensure that all employees and contractors understand their individual role in our safety program and are held accountable to work safely everyday.  A roles and responsibility document will outline who is responsible for each component of our safety program, along with the frequency of each activity. These activities will be monitored monthly by the manufacturing site Leadership teams.

Next, is Hazard Recognition. An improved Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) model will be used to help employees and contractors recognize potential hazards prior to beginning work assignments. The new model drives employee involvement in the development of the JHA at the actual work site and promotes the recognition of hazards to prevent injuries.

The final focus area is Safety Training. An effective safety program requires employees understand the safety requirements of the site. We are recreating our safety training modules, using the latest adult learning and comprehension techniques, to ensure our employees and contractors understand the safety requirements and retain the knowledge.

Commitment from employees and management are key to achieving positive safety performance. All Sunoco employees are expected, and encouraged, to take the initiative to either help resolve an issue, correct the situation, or notify appropriate personnel so the issue can be resolved.


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