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Sunoco’s energy conservation program focuses on energy awareness, operational improvements to utilize energy more effectively in everyday operations, and following prudent maintenance practices. The program also incorporates energy conservation technology into major facility expansions or upgrades. Although Sunoco has a continuous improvement policy, the energy-intensive nature of the low-sulfur fuels requirements and the federal EPA global settlement initiative typically offset some of the gains made by the cost-effective energy use reduction programs.

As part of its continuous improvement efforts, Sunoco kicked off a Business Improvement Initiative (BII) in late 2008. The program addressed numerous areas where the company could streamline or take other measures to improve efficiencies to lower costs. The energy portion of the BII began in the Philadelphia and Marcus Hook refineries and then moved on to the Eagle Point and Toledo refineries, and then to the chemical plants.

Energy goals for the Refining and Chemicals business units are a combination of energy reduction and yield improvement from Sunoco’s baseline period - September 2007 to October 2008. The goals are approximately an 8 to 12% improvement (varies based on proportion of yield improvement ideas and gaps identified) for the refineries and about a 5% improvement for Chemicals, and equate to a reduction of about 70 million gallons of imported oil per year.

The program has a two-year completion target. The facilities have identified over 725 energy and yield improvement ideas, of which 91 have been implemented so far.

Since the operation of the refineries, chemical plants and coke plants emit carbon dioxide, Sunoco is tracking the various greenhouse gas legislative and regulatory measures. These are in various stages of review, discussion, or implementation and will affect Sunoco. Sunoco’s generation of carbon dioxide is tied directly to energy consumption; therefore any greenhouse gas reductions will be dependent on prudent energy usage.

Committed to Energy Savings

ENERGY STAR® is a partnership between the EPA and industry to advance energy conservation. This voluntary program helps organizations achieve superior energy performance while protecting the environment.

Sunoco joined ENERGY STAR® in 1998 and reconfirmed our commitment to the program in May 2006. As a part of our commitment to the program, Sunoco will:

  • Baseline, track, and benchmark Sunoco’s energy performance by using tools such as those offered through ENERGY STAR®
  • Develop and implement a plan to reduce energy intensity across our facilities and operations by adopting the energy management strategy provided through ENERGY STAR®
  • Educate our staff and the public about our partnership in ENERGY STAR®, and highlight our achievements with recognition offered through ENERGY STAR®

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award
Sunoco was named a 2009 Partner of the Year for outstanding energy management and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In March 2010 Sunoco was named as a Partner of

the Year Award winner for a second consecutive year.

The Partner of the Year Award recognizes efforts to use energy efficiently in facility operations and to integrate superior energy management into overall organizational strategy. Award winners were selected from more than 12,000 organizations that participate in the ENERGY STAR program. Sunoco is the first ENERGY STAR partner from the petroleum and petrochemical companies to be recognized for energy conservation efforts company-wide. The company was honored for strategic energy management and a commitment to save energy across its entire operation that resulted in significant energy and financial savings.

Sunoco has been an ENERGY STAR Partner for more than a decade, and the relationship has been mutually beneficial. By being involved with ENERGY STAR, Sunoco is not only learning ways to improve our business, but we are also helping other businesses reduce their energy use. “U.S. manufacturers need a good example when it comes to managing energy well, and Sunoco is that example,” said Elizabeth Dutrow, Director of Industrial Sector Partnerships for ENERGY STAR and the EPA. “Working with ENERGY STAR, Sunoco built a world-class energy program for its refineries and expanded it to include, in entirety, its diverse businesses. Beyond its borders, Sunoco has proved to be an exceptional ENERGY STAR partner, as it has selflessly supported other manufacturers in their efforts to manage energy and protect the environment. EPA is proud of its 14 year partnership with Sunoco.”

ENERGY STAR® Activities
Involvement with ENERGY STAR® included:

  • Participation in the yearly ENERGY STAR® Petroleum Refining Focus meeting, which provides refinery energy managers/directors the opportunity to openly discuss challenges confronting energy management in their corporations. Designed with industry in mind, these annual meetings include topics such as developing and improving corporate energy management, identifying and reducing energy use in petroleum refineries, options for improving energy efficiency, and company energy program highlights.

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