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Operations Excellence Management System
Sunoco's refining and chemicals business units have used an integrated management system since 2001. Known as the Operations Excellence Management System or OEMS, the management system is the driving force used to improve health, environment and safety performance and operations integrity.

OEMS is designed to meet initiatives by various organizations including the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) RC 14001 and Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). RC 14001 adds the elements of ACC's Responsible Care Management System to those of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management System.

Sunoco's refining headquarters organization and the Marcus Hook, Philadelphia, and Toledo refineries received their original RC 14001 certification in 2004 and were recertified in 2007. The Eagle Point Refinery obtained its certification in 2005 and underwent recertification in November of 2008.

The Refining and Chemicals headquarters groups and the refineries are subject to surveillance audits to verify that OEMS is being properly followed. The Professional Services Group also undergoes surveillance audits for the required support functions that it performs to both business units.

The Chemicals locations are certified to the requirements of ACC's Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) certification. In particular Haverhill and Frankford received their initial certifications in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

In 2008, the Chemicals business unit combined its RCMS and ISO 9001 Quality audits into one integrated audit. The business unit also consolidated to one certification for the business unit, rather than certifying each individual plant. This allows the plants to be audited using a sampling plan basis, meaning they will be audited approximately every two years rather than every six months. However, the effectiveness of the management system will be maintained as audit findings will be shared and preventive actions will be implemented at all plants, as appropriate.

Currently, the business units use BSI for the certification and surveillance audits with additional system assessments done by Sunoco's internal auditors.

These accomplishments enable Sunoco to meet its obligations as an ACC member and demonstrate our commitment to the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®.

Contractors & Management Systems
Sunoco’s management system (OEMS) requires contract service providers to manage their health, environmental, safety, security and operations integrity risk. The specific requirements vary depending on the level of risk associated with the service provider’s work.

Currently, more than 85 contract service providers throughout the Refining & Supply business unit have or are implementing management systems to meet the OEMS requirement. Contract service providers have two years to put a management system into practice and reach verification status. This verification is accomplished through a third-party review that is repeated every three years.

Representatives from many of the service providers have indicated that implementation of the management systems has yielded improvements in work practices and employee awareness, both of which contribute to a safer work place and improved environmental management.


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