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Our Policies
At Sunoco, we believe that excellent performance in health, environment and safety (HES) is essential to achieving operations excellence and superior financial performance.

Sunoco issued our Principles of Health, Environment and Safety in 1993 when we became the first Fortune 500 company to endorse the Ceres Principles. The Sunoco HES Principles, adapted from the Ceres Principles, establish an environmental code of conduct for all of Sunoco's facilities and operations.

Sunoco is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in all of our businesses and in the communities in which we operate. This requires continuous improvement in our HES performance as well as sensitivity and flexibility in our dealings with the public.

Over the past decade, we have made considerable progress in all areas of HES performance, but moving to the next level requires further changes in our workplace culture. Leading HES indicators and employee participation are key as are the development and use of comprehensive management systems. These initiatives are designed to drive improved performance by integrating health, safety and environmental performance with operations management.

Accountability is a critical part of improving HES performance. Senior Vice Presidents must review serious incidents at the monthly executive-level Sunoco Leadership Team meetings. HES performance reports are generated and reviewed monthly. In addition, senior managers meet with their Senior Vice Presidents regularly to discuss critical HES issues.


Sunoco's health, environment and safety performance is the shared responsibility of all Sunoco employees. The CEO of the company holds senior management and the business units accountable for the HES performance of the employees, operations and businesses under their control. Additionally, Commitment to Health, Environment, and Safety is one of the core competencies on which employees are evaluated.

Corporate oversight for Sunoco's health, environment, and safety performance is provided by the executive-level Sunoco Leadership Team and the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors. Development of Sunoco's HES philosophy and strategic direction is vested in the Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology and Vice President, Corporate HES&S Assurance and Regulatory Affairs who have direct access to the CEO.

Chairman's Award for Excellence in Health, Environment and Safety Performance
The Chairman's Award for Excellence in Health, Environment and Safety Performance for the year is distributed to business units and facilities for exemplary achievement across a wide range of HES areas such as occupational safety and health and the prevention of accidents, oil spills, fires, air permit exceedances, water permit exceedances and enforcement fines and penalties.

The Chairman's Award signifies Sunoco's strong commitment to operational excellence and is given annually when there is a facility or business unit that has demonstrated HES excellence. 

Retail Marketing was the recipient of the 2009 Chairman’s Award.

Representing the Retail Marketing group at the February 4, 2010, Board of Directors meeting to accept the Chairman’s Award for Excellence in HES Performance were:

Standing from left: Joseph Roberts, Manager – Corporate Environmental Remediation; Boyd Foster, Vice President – Distributors, Race Fuels, Transportation, Branded and Wholesale Supply; Blake Heineman, Vice President – Retail Operations/Real Estate ; Lynn Elsenhans, Sunoco Chairman, CEO and President; Robert Owens, Senior Vice President, Marketing; Glenn Lyles, Transportation Truck Driver; Rich Mattis, Manager – Health & Safety; Harinder Singh, Store Manager – Eastern Division Safety Champion; and Steven Jones, Area Operations Manager – Eastern Division. Seated are: Helen Doherty, Manager – Products and Environmental, and Cynthia Archer, Vice President – Marketing and Development.

Some of Marketing's HES performance highlights were: 

  • Top Quartile employee safety performance
    • 0.79 rate
  • DOT preventable vehicle accident rate reduction
    • 1.42 rate
    • 41% reduction from 2008
  • Top Quartile passenger preventable vehicle accident rate
    • 1.85 rate
  • Top Quartile spills performance – 1 spill

Several facilities and a business segment received Meritorious Awards recognizing strong performance in one or more areas of HES. These award recipients were:

Meritorious Award for Environmental Excellence:

Haverhill Chemicals Plant
  • Top Quartile air performance
    • 7 air exceedances
  • 71% reduction in air exceedances from 2008
  • 75% reduction in three-year average
Toledo Refinery
  • Top Quartile air performance
    • 32 air exceedances
  • 20% reduction in air exceedances from 2008
  • Top Quartile spill performance
    • 1 spill
  • 86% reduction in spills from 2008
  • 92% reduction in three-year average

Meritorious Award for Safety Excellence

Marcus Hook Polymers
  • Top Quartile Safety Performance
    • 0.00 rate 
  • Improvement from 2008 and three-year average

Coke Operations

  • Top Quartile Safety Performance
    • 0.99 rate
  • 20% reduction in rate from 2008
  • 18% reduction in three-year average

Haverhill Coke

  • Top Quartile Safety Performance
    • 1.16 rate
  • 69% reduction in rate from 2008
  • 41% reduction in three-year average

Jewell Coke

  • Top Quartile Safety Performance
    • 0.00 rate
  • Improvement from 2008

Vitoria Coke

  • Top Quartile Safety Performance
    • 0.60 rate
  • 19% reduction in rate from 2008

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