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The following matrix is designed to enable report users to quickly assess the degree to which Sunoco has included information and indicators contained in the GRI Guidelines Guidance 3.0 (G3). The GRI indicators have been paraphrased for brevity purposes. To read the entire wording of the indicators, please visit the GRI web site or go directly to the G3 Guideline page. Additionally, the links contained in the Sunoco Report Location column allow the report user to go directly to the section listed.

Items noted as Not Discussed indicate the topic is not addressed in this report. However, Sunoco does have internal policies and procedures addressing these issue areas.

Items in Green are considered "additional" by GRI.

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Section GRI Indicator  Item Sunoco Report Location
Strategy & Analysis Statement  1.1 Focus on the Future

CEO Letter
Description of Key Impacts  1.2 Focus on the Future

CEO Letter
Organizational Profile Name of Organization


Company Profile
Primary Brands/Products


Company Profile
Operational Structure


Company Profile
Countries Where Operate


Company Profile
Name of Ownership and Legal Form


Company Profile
Markets Served


Company Profile
Scale of Reporting


Company Profile
Size, Structure, Ownership Changes


Company Profile
Awards Received


Employee Safety - Performance

Energy - Overview

Product Stewardship - Customers & Transport


Report Parameters
Report Profile Reporting Period  3.1 Scope
Most Recent Report  3.2 Scope
Reporting Cycle  3.3 Scope
Contact Point  3.4 Scope
Report Scope and Boundary Report Content Process  3.5 Scope
Boundary of Report  3.6 Scope
Specific Limitations  3.7 Scope
Reporting Joint Ventures  3.8 Scope
Data Measurement Techniques/Calculations  3.9 Scope
Effect of Re-statements  3.10 Scope
Significant Changes from Previous Report  3.11 Scope
GRI Content Table Identifying Standard Disclosures  3.12 GRI G3 Matrix (this page)
Assurance External Assurance Policy  3.13 HES Governance - Assessment of Annual Report
Governance, Commitments, and Engagement
Governance Governance Structure  4.1 Corporate Governance
Chair of Highest Governance Body  4.2 Corporate Governance
Members of Highest Governance Bodies  4.3 Corporate Governance
Input Mechanism  4.4 Corporate Governance
Linkage Between Compensation and Performance  4.5 Corporate Governance
Conflict of Interest Avoidance  4.6 Corporate Governance
Qualifications and Expertise of Governance Body  4.7 Corporate Governance
Internal Statements of Mission, Values, etc.  4.8 Our Purpose & Commitment
Governance Procedures  4.9 Corporate Governance
Governance Body Evaluation  4.10 Corporate Governance
Commitments to External Initiatives Explanation of Precautionary Approach  4.11 Not Applicable
External Charter, Principles, etc.  4.12 Governance - Projects
Memberships in Associations  4.13 Governance - Sharing Experiences
Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder Groups  4.14 Scope

Community Engagement - Overview
Stakeholder Identification Basis  4.15 Scope

Community Engagement - Overview
Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement  4.16 Community Engagement - Overview
Key Topics from Stakeholder Engagement  4.17 Community Engagement - Overview

Community Engagement - Sunoco's Involvement with CAPs
Economic Performance Indicators
Economic Performance Direct Economic Value  EC1 Financial Highlights

Annual Financial Report
Financial Implications Due to Climate Change  EC2 Annual Financial Report
(for climate change see pages 18 & 51)
Coverage of Defined Benefits  EC3 Annual Financial Report
Financial Assistance Received from Government  EC4 Not Applicable
Market Presence Entry Level Wages Compared with Local Minimum Wage  EC5 Not Discussed
Policy of Spending on Locally-based Suppliers  EC6 Workforce Preparedness - Diversity

Community Engagement - Providing Support
Procedures for Hiring  EC7 Workforce Preparedness - Training
Indirect Economic Impacts Infrastructure Investments and Services Provided for Public Benefit  EC8 Annual Financial Report
Describe Significant Indirect Impacts  EC9 Annual Financial Report
Environmental Performance Indicators
Materials Materials Used by Weight or Volume  EN1 Company Profile
Materials Recycled
 EN2 Environmental Performance - Materials Conservation
Energy Direct Energy Consumption  EN3 Energy Use - Energy Usage
Indirect Energy Consumption  EN4 Energy Use - Energy Usage
Energy Saved Due to Conservation Efforts  EN5 Energy Use - Energy Efforts
Initiatives to Provide Energy-efficient or Renewable Energy  EN6 Energy Use - Efforts

Environmental Performance - Environmental Matters
Initiatives to Reduce Indirect Energy Consumption  EN7 Energy Use - Energy Efforts

Environmental Performance - Environmental Matters
Water Total Water Withdrawal  EN8 Environmental Performance - Water Usage
Water Sources Affected by Withdrawal  EN9 Environmental Performance - Water Usage
Volume of Water Recycled and Reused  EN10 Environmental Performance - Water Usage
Biodiversity Land Owned Adjacent to Protected Areas  EN11 Not Applicable
Significant Impacts on Biodiversity  EN12 Not Discussed
Habitats Protected or Restored  EN13 Not Discussed
Strategies and Future Plans for Managing Impacts on Biodiversity  EN14 Not Discussed
Number of IUCN Red List Species and National Conservation List Species  EN15 Not Material
Emissions, Effluents, and Waste Direct and Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions  EN16 Environmental Performance - Emissions
Other Relevant Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions  EN17 Environmental Performance - Emissions
Initiatives to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions  EN18 Environmental Performance - Environmental Matters
Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Substances  EN19 Environmental Performance - Emissions
NO, SO, and Other Significant Air Emissions  EN20 Environmental Performance - Emissions
Water Discharge  EN21 Environmental Performance - Water Usage
Weight of Waste by Type and Disposal Method  EN22 Environmental Performance - Wastes
Number and Volume of Significant Spills  EN23 Environmental Performance - Spills
Waste Deemed Hazardous Under Basel Convention Annex  EN24 Not Discussed
Water Bodies and Related Habitats Affected by Water Discharges and Runoff  EN25 Not Discussed
Products and Services Initiatives to Mitigate Environmental Impacts of Products  EN26 Product Outreach

Product Outreach

Customer & Transport

Suppliers & Contractors
Percentage of Products Sold and Their Packaging Materials that are Reclaimed by Category  EN27 Not Discussed
Compliance Monetary Value of Significant Fines  EN28 Environmental Performance - Compliance
Transport Significant Environmental Impacts of Transporting Products, etc.  EN29 Not Applicable
Overall Environmental Expenditures and Investments  EN30 HES Governance - Environmental Spending
Labor Practices and Decent Work Performance Indicators
Employment Workforce  LA1 Company Profile
Employee Turnover  LA2 Not Discussed
Benefits Provided to Full-time Employees that are not Provided to Temporary or Part-time Employees  LA3 Not Discussed
Labor/Management Relations Percentage of Employees Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements  LA4 Not Discussed
Minimum Notice Period(s) Regarding Operational Changes  LA5 Not Discussed
Occupational Safety and Health Workforce Represented in Formal Joint Management-Worker Health and Safety Committees that Help Monitor and Advise Occupational Health and Safety Programs  LA6 Employee Safety - Employee Participation
Rates of Injury, Occupational Diseases, etc.  LA7 Employee Safety - Performance
Education, Training, etc. to Assist Workforce Members, their Families, or Community Regarding Serious Diseases  LA8 Environmental Performance - Overview

Employee Safety - Employee Participation
Health and Safety Topics Covered in Formal Agreements with Trade Unions  LA9 Not Addressed Directly - see Employee Safety
Training and Education Training per Year  LA10 Workforce Preparedness -Training

Workforce Preparedness - Diversity
Programs for Skills Management and Lifelong Learning that Support the Continued Employability of Employees and Assist Them in Managing Career Endings  LA11 Employee Safety - Employee Participation
Employees Receiving Regular Performance and Career Development Reviews  LA12 Workforce Preparedness - Diversity
Diversity and Equal Opportunity Composition of Governance Bodies and Indicators of Diversity  LA13 Corporate Governance

EEO-1 Data
Ratio of Basic Salary of Men to Women by Employee Category  LA14 Not Discussed
Investment and Procurement Practices Investment Agreements that Include Human Rights Clauses or Have Undergone Screening on Human Rights  HR1 Investor Relations
Suppliers and Contractors who have Undergone Screening on Human Rights  HR2 Product Stewardship - Suppliers & Contractors
Employee Training on Human Rights  HR3 Not Applicable
Non-Discrimination Number of Incidents of Discrimination and Action Taken  HR4 Not Discussed
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Identify Operations where Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Might be at Risk  HR5 Corporate Governance
Child Labor Incidents and Measures Taken to Eliminate Forced or Child Labor  HR6 Corporate Governance
Forced and Compulsory Labor Incidents and Measures Taken to Eliminate Forced or Compulsory Labor  HR7 Corporate Governance
Security Practices Security Personnel Training Regarding Aspects of Human Rights  HR8 Security
Indigenous Rights Incidents of Violations of Indigenous People  HR9 Not Applicable
Society Performance Indicators
Community Nature, Scope and Effectiveness of Programs that Assess and Manage Impacts on Communities  SO1 Community Engagement - Overview

Community Engagement - Involvement With CAPs
Corruption Business Units Analyzed for Risks Related to Corruption  SO2 Corporate Governance
Anti-corruption Training  SO3 Corporate Governance
Action Taken in Response to Incidents of Corruption  SO4 Corporate Governance
Public Policy Public Policy Positions and Participation in Public Policy and Lobbying  SO5 Not Discussed
Financial and In-kind Contributions to Political Parties, etc.  SO6 Not Discussed
Anti-competitive Behavior Legal Actions for Anti-competitive Behavior, Anti-trust, etc.  SO7 Not Discussed
Compliance Significant Fines and Non-monetary Sanctions for Non-compliance with Laws and Regulations  SO8 Environmental Performance - Compliance