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For more than thirty-five years, Sunoco's Political Action Committee, SunPAC, has provided financial support to candidates who support the private enterprise system and who are committed to sound economic policies.

SunPAC is organized to receive voluntary financial contributions from Sunoco employees, shareholders and their families. A copy of our report is filed with the Federal Election Commission, Washington, DC, and as required by state law in those states where SunPAC makes contributions. A list of federal SunPAC contributions can be found here:

Over the past three years, SunPAC has made just under $1.05 million in contributions to state and federal candidates.

SunPAC Contributions Policy
It is the policy of the Sunoco, Inc. Political Action Committee (SunPAC) to provide financial support to candidates who we believe will, if elected, support public policies aimed at strengthening the private enterprise system.  We believe such a philosophy provides a greater wealth of opportunity for all Americans whether they are wage earners, investors or entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, it is our firm belief that independence of thought and action by responsible elected officials is the most essential element in the survival of free, representative government.  Therefore, it is our declaration that we seek no commitment or special consideration in exchange for our support, nor would such be accepted if offered.

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