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SunCoke Energy Granite City Facility 
SunCoke Energy’s newest plant is located in Granite City, IL about eight miles northeast of St. Louis, MO. Construction of the plant, known as the Gateway Energy and Coke Company, began in May 2008 and coke production began in November 2009.

The plant can produce 650,000 tons of blast furnace per year from 120 heat recovery ovens. Along with the metallurgical-grade coke, the plant also supplies about 500,000 pounds per hour of superheated steam to the adjacent U.S. Steel’s steelmaking facility. The steam is used in a Cogeneration facility built by U.S. Steel.

Construction of the plant increased SunCoke’s coke capacity by about 12% and added SunCoke’s 1,000th oven when oven #70 was charged with coal. This oven carries one brick from each of the other SunCoke plants.

The coke technology used by SunCoke Energy in its plants conforms to the EPA MACT emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants and offers steam and electric power byproduct (Combined Heat and Power – CHP) for use at the partner steel mills and chemical plants (except our Jewell plant which uses waste heat to dry the incoming coal).